Different Gemstones and Their Meanings

Different Gemstones and Their Meanings


There are gorgeous gemstones in the world, each only holding a special significance and endless raw beauty. Knowing which semi-precious stones, minerals, and crystals hold what natural healing properties can help boost body, mind, or soul healing.

Agate - Beautiful earth stones that help strength, and gently nourish your body and mind. There is a wide range of agate stones each one holding their special healing property. Most agate stones allow you to feel grounded, balanced, stable and boost inner happiness.

Alexandrite - The glorious alexandrite helps you develop yourself in ways that boost happiness, creating your own sense of joy, while adding awareness of beauty, and the power to choose happiness.

Amazonite - Mesmerizing you with its charm the stone harmonizes different feelings and brings them under the light without highlighting emotion. Allow you the opportunity to see the matter from a different perspective.

Amber - Sensational to its core it carries the energy of the sun, endless warmth, and a touch of wellbeing. A great nurturer that can help recover from illnesses and offers comfort. Taking away your negative energies and adding positive notes.

Amethyst - A striking powerhouse that comes with a high vibrancy rate carrying over to your body and mind. Its spiritual power protects you from negative energy, wakes you consciousness, helps in making decisions by freeing you from emotional confusion.

Ametrine - Staggering in appearance that combines the healing powers of citrine and amethyst. Offering you the best of both worlds when it comes to healing, offers clarity to help make decisions, and pushes you to follow the path you believe in.

Angelite - Connect with your angels and spirits, learning to accept advice that can help move to a more peaceful state of mind.

Apache Tears - A wondrous stone that can help those who are grieving, healing their emotional wounds to help set back to their normal routine. Additionally, its protective and cleansing properties help you take on the right road to life.

Apatite - A splendid stone that can help soothe your nerves, and help maintain an inner balance. While offering to add to psychic awareness, by opening your mind to inspiration and insights.

Aquamarine - An astonishing stone that helps create a natural sense of calm, and a relaxed state of mind. While offering you endless energy that balances your body and mind taking you towards a divine source that keeps your body and mind clear and positive.

Aragonite - A fascinating stone that helps boosts strength, boost your emotional core, and help walk away from a painful past. Creating a lasting positive note that can help you keep up with a calming and energized state.

Aventurine - The lucky talisman or the stone of opportunity brings you luck like no other. Making sure you are ready to let go of old habits and take on new positive ones.

Azurite - The third eye chakra can help enhance your inner vision, boost psychic powers, and call for visions/dreams. It allows you to learn concepts, and ideas related to insight. By understanding, you are able to make proper decisions.

Black Tourmaline - The phenomenal stone helps clear and protect your aura, by taking away the negative aspects of life. Connecting you to the earth, and pushing a sense of belonging.

Bloodstone - The powerful stone helps assists you during the hard realities of life, taking you through different challenges of life with nobility and courage. Offering you a grounded feeling to ensure you make the right decisions.

Blue Lace Agate - Helps you boost confidence so you can speak for what's right, and make others understand. Speaking clearly and calmly with the blue lace agate helps make the perfect pitch.

Calcite - With countless varieties of calcite you can benefit endlessly. Generally, the stone is used to unblock roads and send clear energy your way. Naturally healing your second and third chakra to boost alignment.

Carnelian - The stone of action that helps activate the top three chakras in your body. Offering you a powerful boost that focuses on your willpower, while offering you physical energy. With the confidence to go after what you believe in.

Charoite - Gain a wider perspective of life, and learn to see the world from a different view. Creating a sense of peace and wisdom to take on different aspects of life.

Chrysocolla - The stone empowers the divine feminine side, and transfer true wisdom to your mind. Focusing on your throat and heart chakra that stone supports good decisions.

Chrysoprase - An easy way to reassure and remind your heart to connect to mother earth. One of the most powerful healing stones that helps foster new relationships. Additionally, it helps strengthen your current relationships.

Citrine - Activate your imagination and see the world with a clear perspective. Taking on each dream as a sign that you can easily put in perspective.

Diamond - Learn to step up and step into your true role, with a powerful boost. Accepting your spiritual destiny is not enough, you must embark and achieve your final goal as well. Wearing diamonds can help encourage you in doing the right thing.

Emerald - Activate your heart chakra and create a centering sense with emerald. As it helps combine your wisdom and heart, making it easier to choose the right path in life.

Fluorite - An easy way to clarify your metal burden, by taking away unnecessary stress takes over your life. Ridding you of worries about the future can help sane deciduous about your present.

Garnet - Turn your visions into a physical reality, by taking on any one of the six types of garnet stones. These stones can help release shame and guilt, allowing you to open your body and mind towards receiving love.

Golden Obsidian - Commonly known as the gold sheen obsidian can help activate your third chakra. Offering you the ability to manifest and create endless success. Taking away negative energy it helps add a positive note to the mix.

Green Amethyst - The perfect bridge that helps create a clear path between the solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra. Making it the ideal choice when looking to support body, spirit, and mind.

Hematite - Considered the most powerful gemstone for grounding. Hematite helps clear confusion and allows you to make practical choices. Creating a higher level of consciousness they root through your system.

Herkimer Diamond - A special quartz stone shaped like a diamond, the stone can help enhance vision and dreams. Additionally, they are the perfect choice when looking to meditate.

Howlite - A calming source that allows you to live and let others live freely as well. Breaking you free of unnecessary emotional attachments so you can take on a simpler route in life.

Iolite - Clear your inner vision and connect your rational mind and non-rational thinking. A collaboration like no other touches depths of your conscious and subconscious mind.

Jade - Carrying forward the energy of earth jade offers natural power, nurturing energy, and soothes your heart. Drawing the abundance of nature to your life, it creates physical well being.

Jasper - There are a dozen types of jasper stone, each one carrying a unique property. Offering you everything from stabilization to positive energy.

Jet - Protect and purify yourself with its clear impact. Taking away the negative influences in life, and connecting you to the earth's healing power.

Kunzite - A stunning stone that is directly connected to divine love. The stone helps keep up with a clear message and cultivates love.

Kyanite - Various colors carry various properties, but all help boosts communication, with the power to link your body and mind. Creating a bridge between your conscious and subconscious self.

Labradorite - Awaken your psychic abilities, and boost your prophecy and telepathy skills. A great choice when looking to boost awareness and mastering self-taught techniques.

Lapis Lazuli - Carrying royal energy the stone helps recover your divine and noble nature. Activating physical abilities, intuitions, and connecting you to your spiritual self. A stone that pushes you to speak the truth, and keep a clear vision.

Larimar - Empowers you to speak from your heart, pulling back anger and creating a calm state of mind. Trapping your mind in a relaxed state that helps set your emotional state in the right manner.

Lepidolite - An easy way to cut down on stress and worry in any situation. Pulling down the overwhelming power, and helping you stay focused on what matters the most in life. Breaking you free from a set pattern, and allowing you to create a nare future for yourself.

These are some of the many stones the world has to offer, bringing forward natural healing elements that help you take on different aspects of life. A great choice is the one that appeals to you and comes with the benefits that you need to excel in life. So go ahead and choose the one you feel is right for you.

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