Reasons Why You Need A Soy Candle

Reasons Why You Need A Soy Candle


There is no doubt that every candle crafted is not the same, as they hold unique essentials that set them apart from each other. Even then, most candles you find at stores are crafted using paraffin. An unhealthy option that should be avoided at all costs. The only similarity they share with a soy candle is their appearance, and lack the benefits of soy candles. To help you understand the importance of soy candles, we have listed down a few crucial reasons why you need a soy candle in your home.


Sustainable Option - Soy candles are 100% natural in nature, a renewable resource that comes from agriculture. While paraffin candles are adding to the oil industry, 100% natural soy candles can help support sustainable farming. Making them a healthy choice for your home and the environment.


Aromatherapy - Soy candles come with a low melting point, creating a large pool of melted wax. The pool of semi-soft soy wax fills the space with a beautiful and calming scent adding the benefits of aromatherapy to the mix. On the other hand, paraffin comes with a chemically infused odor that has a negative impact on your mood.


Healthy Touch - Soy candles offer you a youthful bit, that keeps your sensitivities in mind. Making sure you do not get a headache or feel a blurry vision coming on. As soy candles are free from any harmful impacts, they assure a clean-burning process. Keeping you sensitives in check, and ensuring a soothing and relaxing candle therapy session.


Completely Vegan - If you are conscious about your animal friends, then you will be happy to know that soy candles are 100% vegan. They are entirely free from any animal products. While paraffin is a vegan base, but these candles are added with stearic acid; they are taken from animal fat.


Easy Cleaning - Soy candles ensure a secure and smooth cleaning process that leaves you with no marks or stickiness. All you need is some soap and water, and you can wipe the surface clean in no time. While they might be easy to clean, but we suggest that you exercise caution when burning any candles.


Efficient & Conscious - Soy candles are not just environmentally conscious. Also, they are energy efficient to help keep a healthy setting. In comparison to paraffin, candles are crafted using petroleum, which causes the environment great harm.


Affordable Option - One of the best aspects of soy candles is their low cost. Paired with all the other benefits, makes them a spectacular choice for every home. When compared with other organic or non-GMO candles - Soy wax candles offer you the relief you need.


These candles are crafted using 100% organic and non-GMO products. Making sure the soy wax candles are pure and ensure exceptional quality. Added in the middle is a 100% cotton wick that adds to the organic soy candle beautifully. Creating the perfect choice for all candle lovers out there.


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