Have you tried bubble baths?

Have you tried bubble baths?


At Valentina's Natuurlijke we offer everything you need to have the best time of day among bubbles and flavored waters, leaving your bathroom impregnated with our natural fragrances.

The bathroom is relaxation, liberation, and tranquility because when you dive into the bathtub under the shower, our body releases all tension and bad vibrations in contact with its interior, transmitting a feeling of relaxation. That is why the bathroom represents one of the best moments of the day.

We care about the health of your skin, so we select the best brands of quality organic, natural and vegan cosmetics for daily baths and toilets. They are designed for you to enjoy a pleasant moment while your skin is pampered with all components from nature.

However, don't you know what products would be ideal for you or yours?

We recommend our range of original and fun products that you can add to your personal spa ... For a bathroom that leaves you feeling like you have been in the bathtub for hours because of its fresh and relaxing aromas.

A line of shower gels with intense and stimulating fragrances that hooks, this satisfies the most demanding customer demand. We have an exclusive line of gels.

Scrubs that look like ice cream, mousses, and jams ... a range of cosmetics that will make you want to eat.

They are the body scrubs formulated with natural grains that renew the skin and moisturize dry areas. Add luxury body scrubs to your daily beauty routine to remove dead cells and stimulate microcirculation.

Body moisturizers or after shower oils

Take care of your skin by keeping it soft, soft and hydrated with captivating fragrances and exquisite textures.


Imagine what a delight to get home after a stressful day and take that bathtub bath! Better yet if that bathroom is scented with a dim light and a relaxing tune.

Do you want to enjoy aromatic bubbles?

What we enjoy most about the bath are the bubbles, and the use of soaps that produce the bubbles has become the most used for showering. We have foam pumps also known as bubble bars, they are foam pumps with fun shapes that, when subjected to water, create dense and lasting bubbles, which the little ones in the house like best.

We have everything for the corner called the spa in your bathroom, such as:

Bath balls

Bath macarons

Bath eggs

Bath bubbles

Effervescent pumps

Salts for bathrooms:

Dead Sea Salts with magnesium certified

These products have mineral components that act as a stimulant of the nervous system, helping the metabolism and blood flow to circulate in a fluid and fun way. Offers the feeling of cleanliness and hydration

If what you want to achieve is the best bathroom of all time then do not fear and venture to know our ecological products, free of parabens, silicone and aluminum, and totally animal friends.


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