Benefits of Aromatherapy

Benefits of Aromatherapy


A form of holistic therapy that can help you treat your spirit, body, and mind. With the help of essential oils, you can finally offer yourself a natural healing touch that works its way into your system. Keeping in mind that our sense of smell is connected to our emotional side more than any other reason. As it can help trigger moments, and memories that we may have long forgotten about. Taking us back to the time and place, bringing back the heartwarming feeling as well. The process is triggered by our limbic system, a complex process powered by our brain's smell and memory function.


Benefits of Aromatherapy


      Aromatherapy can help calm and relax your nerves.

      A great way to destress your system

      An easy way to soothe and balance your body's workings.

      Offer yourself an energizing and uplifting boost.

      Maintaining a healthy joint and muscle relief.

      Reviving your body and mind.


Different Oils & Their Use


Different essential oils come with varying benefits of health, to help you get started we have listed down a few essential oils and their benefits.


  1. Lavender - The first essential oil that was taken on by medical professionals for burns. The lavender essential oil can help work as an antiseptic against minor cuts, to help you relax, and for a good night's rest. Relieving everyday migraines and headaches.



  1. Basil - Known to sharpen your concentration skills while offering some relief to some symptoms of depression. Additionally, it can help relieve migraines and headaches but is not recommended to use during pregnancy.


  1. Tea Tree - Carrying antiseptic, antimicrobial, and disinfectant qualities tea tree essential oil is one of the most commonly used natural substances. Widely used in skincare products, shampoos, and other medicinal settings. Offering you a touch of relief against burns, bites, and acne.


  1. Jasmine - A self-claimed aphrodisiac, as there is no scientific evidence related to the matter. However, research states the use of jasmine essential oil can help increase your beta waves boosting your alternative state.


  1. Rosemary - A great booster of hair growth and Memory. Moreover, you can even use rosemary essential oil to help prevent muscle spasms and control the nervous system and circulatory system.


  1. Thyme - If you are looking to cut down on your Fatigue, stress, and nervousness, then thyme essential oil can help set you on the right track. Its natural calming scent is paired with a healing touch that works its way into your system.


  1. Clove - One of the best topical analgesics, clove essential oil is mostly found in painkillers and kinds of toothpaste. An antispasmodic and that can help control nausea and prevent vomiting. Also, its carminative properties help prevent gas in your gut. While you can take great advantage of its antimicrobial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties.


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