The harsh winter weather is disturbing, but that does not mean your skin has to feel the same way.

When the weather changes, so should your skincare treatment. It is the only way to keep up with glowing and healthy skin. To help you out we have listed down a few ways you can treat your skin right during the winter season.


Avoid Hot Water - Showing just using hot water on your skin sounds amazing during the winters. However, avoiding hot water completely is the only way to contain natural moisture. If the moisture washes away your skin will start to crack, crumble, and start to irritate and burn.

Moisturize - Keeping your skin moisturized is not only about applying creams, it includes drinking ample amounts of water. So, keep a bottle of water, and deeply nourishing moisturizing cream with you always. This will help keep your skin hydrated from inside out, allowing you to keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

Protect - The only rule to ensure your skin looks and feels flawless always is to change your skincare products as the season changes. If you have sensitive skin, it will be ideal to get professional help. However, if you know what your skin prefers, you can do a little more research to ensure you have the best options.

Hands & Feet - When taking care of your face make sure you do not forget your hands and feet. The best way to keep them in good shape is to use petroleum jelly and glycerin-based creams. The perfect way to start and end your day on a well-moisturized note.

Sunblock/sunscreen - Just because it's not summer anymore, does not mean you can ditch the sunblock. Winter sun is harsh on your skin, which is why you need to protect your skin as much as possible. A good layer of sunblock will ensure moisture, deflect UV rays, and keep pollutants away at the same time.

Eat Healthily - You are what you eat, and that is especially true during the winter season. With fattening fried foods, an added level of festive hot drinks, and other comforting foods that just pile on its easy to gain a few pounds. However, weight is just one of the problems, with an unhealthy diet your skin starts to take impact. So, try to eat vegetables, seasonal fruits, and drink milk & berries-based juices.

Humidifier a great way to ensure a healthy sitting at home and your office set up a humidifier. As heating tends to dry up your skin, a fresh touch of fresh moisture is exactly what you need. Place them in different areas of your home, and you can even add drops of essential oils for aromatherapy

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