Lavender shower gel

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Lavender shower gel.

Shower gel flavored with essential oils. 

Purple color and an intense and natural aroma of Lavender.

Ideal for all skin types.

·         No parabens,

·         No sulfates,

·         No aggressive chemistry.



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Are you Looking for a Lavender Shower Gel?

Then this is the one for you! Our lavender shower a gel is made up of a creamy texture and sensual, refreshing floral scent that turns your daily bath routine into a luscious beauty ritual.

Enjoy A sensitive body washes, calming & moisturizing. The gel gently cleanses, rejuvenates, and soothes even the most capricious skin. Our lavender shower gel wash leaves an exciting smell and doesn't irritate the skin as other aromatherapy shower gels do.

Sulfate Free body wash. We use no harsh ingredients in our products, and we develop them with sincere care for overall human health.

Cleansing and Moisturizing. It leaves you super-clean, refreshed, and ready to go. Its natural and botanical ingredients, combined with essential natural extracts, deep clean, condition, and protect the skin, while fighting bacteria that cause odor and inflammation.


·         ✓ Specially formulated with the natural cleansing properties of organic plant oils.

·         ✓ Handmade with our own organic lavender essential oil.

·         ✓ Gentle enough for all skin types - including infants & children.

·         ✓ Free of chemicals & harsh preservatives.


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