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Soy Candles

Soy wax is obtained through some soybeans, which gives rise to soybean oil, which, through a process, becomes solid. These solid grounds are what make candles considered "eco-friendly".

Soy is a product that can be renewed and is biodegradable and, above all, it is not a toxic or artificial product like petroleum-derived fuels.  

They are natural, ecological and sustainable, have many advantages among others and the best is that they do not pollute and do not harm our health. They also promote well-being thanks to the aromatherapy properties.

Your Jam Jar Candles are made with Natural Soy Wax and beautiful fragrances crafted with a blend of natural essential oils and high-quality fragrance oils. Each scent is made up of up to 36 different elements which are what make them truly unique and beautiful.

Soy Candles

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